2018 AMC Winter Campaign

Campaign Design

 2018 AMC Winter Campaigns

Role: Creative Lead & Design
Client: AMC Theatres

AMC’s 2018 Winter Campaign featured three initiatives: A food & beverage offer, a text subscription giveaway and AMC’s annual Best Picture Showcase. Each initiative was tied together with a similar look & feel inspired by the winter movie awards season. Since 2018 was the Oscars 90th awards show, I created an Art-Deco inspired campaign.


Food & Beverage:
Twice the ICEE®

Get a free large ICEE® when you buy a large popcorn and large ICEE®.

Poster Case Blades

Poster Case Blades

3 ft. x 6 ft. 2-sided standee

3 ft. x 6 ft. 2-sided standee



Best Picture Showcase

Best Picture Showcase is an annual event. It features a 24-Hour Marathon where guests can watch all Best Picture Oscar nominated films or split the film-viewing experience into two days.



Best Picture Showcase attendees receive a collectible booklet that features an Oscars voting page and synopses pages for each movie nominated for Best Picture. It also provides guests a chance to take notes on their favorite films.



Best Picture Showcase attendees receive a collectible lanyard that features each nominated film’s logo on the back. The front differentiates between the 24-Hour Marathon, Day One or Day Two of the event.